Christian Dashiell

Christian Dashiell is a staff writer at Fatherly where he covers a wide variety of topics across the site. The bulk of his work focuses on parenting, science, and developmental psychology. But pop culture, outdoor cooking, comedy, and sports all fill his personal time and round out his writing portfolio.

Christian and his wife live in Kansas with their four children, where they advocate for fellow adoptive, foster, and multiethnic families in their community.

Flu Season

6 Ways To Lower Your Risk Of Getting Super Sick From Back-To-School

Mitigate the damage from all the germs kids bring home from school.

The Fatherly Turntable

25 Years Ago, One Rap Album Proved Going Solo Can Create A Classic

The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill is still that thing, and so much more.


How To Raise A Child Who Understands Their Strengths and Weaknesses

Kids can’t be good at everything. But they don’t know that.

Dads Who Win

The Most Relatable Parenting Moments From Steph Curry’s On-Point New Documentary

Down-to-earth moments from an out-of-this-world player.

High Hopes

The Big Lesson Parents Of High-Achieving Kids Must Teach Again And Again

For kids to reach the top of their ability, they need to be challenged often, fail often, then try again.


Want Your Kid To Do Better In School? Bike Or Walk There

A new study shows that being active on the way to class is great for kids to kick off the school day.


6 Simple Tricks To Help You Remember People's Names More Often

Because “I’m bad at names” doesn’t cut it.

Bias in Education

Teachers Perceive Higher "Conflict" With Black Boys Than White Girls

Nationwide study reveals that systemic racism impacts teacher-student relationships as early as kindergarten.

You Want The Truth?

All Kids Lie, But With These 3 Parenting Tricks They Lie A Lot Less

Here’s what you should remember when trying to help kids tell the truth more consistently.


4 Parenting Mistakes That Make Children Clingy And Codependent

Some amount of clinginess is normal for kids, but there are ways to subtly encourage independence.


Parents Who Raise Independent, Self-Sufficient Kids Do These 4 Things

You have to celebrate the small wins.

Brain Power

The Game-Changing MIND Diet Provides Powerful Brain Food For Kids

It's also one of the more family-friendly nutrition plans around.

Swim Safety

What Olympic Swimmer Cullen Jones Wants Parents To Know About Water Safety

After nearly drowning as a child, Cullen Jones is now on a mission to keep kids safe in the water.

Dad Special

Aaron Franklin's Firepit Ribeye Will Be The Star of Your Summer BBQ

The legendary pitmaster shares his recipe for a côte de boeuf, which he dry brines before letting the flames do their work.


These 3 Parenting Mistakes Make Kids More Stubborn

Follow these tips to avoid the power struggle cycle.

Gun Safety

30% Of Kids Without Gun Safety Education Pull The Trigger On A Found Gun

Regardless of whether or not you own a gun, talking to your kids about them will keep them safe.

Parenting Style

Gentle Parenting Is Not For The Weak Of Heart

This trending parenting approach requires a lot of patience.

Parenting Styles

Jellyfish Parenting Isn’t Just A Silly Name

The tiger parent backlash has swung the pendulum from the jungle to the deep sea. It’s not for the best.


9 Essential Parenting Books To Help Your Kid Thrive In School

Parenting books for tackling back-to-school challenges that don't talk down to parents.

seize the season

24 Super Freaking Fun Things You Need To Do Before School Starts