Sep. 5, 2023


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8 Helpful Things To Say When Your Partner Is Complaining

ByGraham Techler

Listening to your partner vent is part of the gig. This is how to make them feel heard.

Looking Back

What I Wish My Dad Taught Me When I Was Little, According To 10 Women

ByMatt Christensen

“I wish he had taught me earlier in life that the real value is in the question, and not so much in the answer.”

Response Unit

4 Useful Ways To Respond To Someone’s Big Emotions

BySteve Calechman

Because when someone in your life — a friend, your spouse, your child — becomes very emotional, how you show up for them speaks volumes.


6 Simple Tricks To Help You Remember People's Names More Often

ByChristian Dashiell

Because “I’m bad at names” doesn’t cut it.

Dad Special

This Roasted Tomato Sauce Recipe Is What Your Pasta Night Is Missing

ByMatt Berical

Chef Joe Flamm talks berry budgets and the hilarious (and harsh) realities of feeding small children before sharing his go-to sauce recipe.


How To Read The Room Like A Pro

BySteve Calechman

Reading the room is about seeing and hearing what’s both spoken and unspoken. And it’s a skill well worth mastering.

Looking Back

The Topic I Wish I Discussed With My Wife A Lot Sooner, According to 12 Men

ByMatt Christensen

When conversations aren’t had, problems can mount in a marriage. Here, 12 men discuss those they put off for too long but shouldn’t have.


How to Settle the “You Always Make Me the Bad Guy!” Argument Once and For All

ByJeremy Brown

What can you do when your significant other always makes you the heavy?


What It's Like Dating A Divorced Man, According To 12 Women

ByMatt Christensen

A dozen women offer their perspective on the experience.

Looking Back

What I Wish My Dad Taught Me When I Was Little, According To 11 Men

ByMatt Christensen

It’s impossible to teach everything. But it’s helpful to know what untaught lessons might be felt the most.


7 Common Behaviors That Can Breed Contempt In A Marriage

ByJeremy Brown

Avoid them at all costs.

The Long Haul

How Happy Marriages Stay Happy: 7 Signs Of A Rock-Solid Relationship

ByVirginia Pelley

This is what helps couples stay happy over time.


The Non-Alcoholic Spirit Boom Is Here. These 8 Bottles Are Worth a Try

ByStinson Carter

There's never been a better time to explore the growing ranks of non-alcoholic spirits.

Gripe Club

How to Actually Be Helpful When Your Partner Hates Their Job

ByMatt Christensen

There's more to do to help than nod your head and say "that sucks" and "I'm sorry" until your sound chip fritzes out.


7 Things Every Dad Must Do During Paternity Leave

ByJimmy Joseph Tran

I've been on paternity leave three times now. Here's what I've learned.

Howdy, Stranger

7 Fool-Proof Ways To Leave A Great First Impression

BySteve Calechman

It’s always in your best interest to begin relationships on the right foot. As a parent, it’s even more so.