Sep. 5, 2023


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Style Icons

Pee-wee Herman Basically Destroyed The 80s Power Suit

ByNatty Adams

You'd still be wearing your dad's giant shoulder pads if it weren't for this fashion icon.

Hair Care

How To Get Well-Groomed Chest Hair Like Henry Cavil

BySaleam Singleton

Toss a trimmer to your Witcher.


Does Minoxidil Work For Beard Growth? Here’s What To Know

ByBryan Levandowski

It's tempting to cheat your way to a thick, burly beard. Before you do, however, you need to know potential side effects.

Showing Up

Here's The Right Way To Wear Cologne

BySaleam Singleton

Take our advice and smell your best all day long.

pure nostalgia

What Your Child’s Nineties-Inspired Back-To-School Accessories Reveal About You As A Parent

ByOphira Eisenberg

Are our kids reliving the ’90s through all of our cool stuff? Let’s explore.


Tom’s Alp Forward Eco Is The Shoe Of The Summer

ByAlex French

This clean, versatile slip-on is one you won’t take off until the warmer months have passed.

Handsome In Pink

Ryan Gosling's Barbie Red Carpet Look Proves Real Men Wear Pink

ByDevan McGuinness

Party like Ken.


19 Perfect Pairs Of Shorts

ByBeau Hayhoe

It's the last call to break out those short shorts, here's how to wear them and look effortlessly cool.

Better Beards

How To Master Every Stage Of Your Beard

ByDan Michel

Wether its fresh scruff or a full grizzly beard, we’ve got the tips to putting your best beard forward.

Grooming Trend

Men’s Grooming Trend: Bar Soaps Are Back And On The Rise

BySaleam Singleton

From exfoliating powerhouses to hydrating wonders, these bar soaps redefine the shower experience.


Beyond Basic: The Most Stylish Men's Polo Shirts

ByBeau Hayhoe

These polo shirts are anything but basic.


Jason Bateman And Jason Sudeikis Duel Out Dad Styles

ByTyghe Trimble

What are you wearing to the game?

Nostalgic Style

What’s The Deal With Fashion? Percival's 'Seinfeld' Clothing Line Celebrates Style About Nothing

BySaleam Singleton

The 90’s dad-style revival has never looked so good.

Dadcore Adventures

Harrison Ford's Dadcore Button-Up And Tailored Jeans Are Owning Cannes 2023

ByRyan Britt

IRL Indiana Jones is every cool dad, ever.

Showing Up

Here's The Right Way To Wash Your Face

BySaleam Singleton

Follow these 6 steps to achieve the best skin possible.

Brands To Know

Faherty Brand: Coastal Comfort Meets Sustainability In Menswear

ByBeau Hayhoe

Faherty's sustainable and stylish menswear blends modern comfort with a throwback beachy vibe.